2021 Level 10 National Championships



The Level 10 National Championships were held this past weekend (May 11-16, 2021) in Daytona Beach, Florida. SoCal Gymnastics was very well represented at this culminating competition.  Listed below are the amazing athletes who proudly wore the Region 1 logo at Championships. As a gymnastics community we are especially proud of these young athletes who have overcome a year filled with adversity during this pandemic.  Congratulations to all the gymnasts and coaches for a successful season.


Kimberly Smith-Azarian.                    Caroline Lichtman-WCEG

Sydney Kho-Gliders.                         Shaina Chen-Winner’s

Ashley Carter-Gliders                        Amari Celestine-SCEGA

Jolyn Valeros-Sokol                           Francesca Caso-AOGC

Aliana Valdez-SCATS                       Trinity Johnsion-SCEGA

Mia Nelson-AGA                            Kira Bolden-Waller’s

Katie Park-Waller’s                           Sierra Kaplan-The Klub

Thu Nguyen-Wildfire                        Chloe La Coursiere-Coastal

Tristen Greene-SCEGA                      Alysen Fears-SCEGA

      Kayla Toniolo-SCATS                    Genevive Sabado-Baez- Gliders

Grace Gomez-Wildfire                     Alyssa Vulaj-Wildfire

Hannah Clark-Azarian                      Emily Pires-Wildfire

Lana Navarro-Gliders                       Jehaan Poonja-GO USA


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 Kissimmee, FL - June 4-6, 2021


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Saturday June 19, 2021 @ 6:00pm
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Saturday June 19, 2021 @ 7:00pm
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